Sonia Axis

Sonia Edgy - singer, vocal coach based in London

Love singing ? Excitement exploring your voice ? Experiencing holistic approach? Gain confidence singing?

I'd love to assist you in this amazing process.

Why me? I am a holistic vocal coach and I successfully use my knowledge of sound, breath and kinaesthetic awareness to help others to breath/speak/sing with full comfort, joy and freedom.

I studied the following vocal techniques:

Bel canto (classical voice emission),

Speech Level Singing (S. Riggs),

Complete Vocal Technique (C. Sandolin),

Sing with freedom (P. Bristow)

Voice Healing Method (dr Ch. Elssner)

I gained knowledge of breathing techniques from workshops created by Stig Severinsen (World Champion & World Guiness Record holder), and Buddhist meditation teachings. I’m currently studying Kapalbhati Pranayama Breathing Technique.

I sing in a number of different music styles - jazz, pop, blues, R'n'B, musicals and Latin. This provides me with an extensive stylistic knowledge and gives me the ability to work with students whose interests lie within various music genres.

I am passionate about creatively guiding students to reach their full potential.

I have created Meet Your Voice - a unique program based on a holistic approach and kinaesthetic awareness.

You will be able to express yourself with freedom and joy at any age!

The programme is to:

find your true voice / overcome fears / improve voice emission

gain inner-balance / relax and feel happy

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Attractive bundle offers for regular students

Skype sessions are also available

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